Septic System Repairs: Full Replacement Prevention Website Copyright of VME 2017, all Rights Reserved.    Septic Tank Outlet Repair: This particular customer called to inform me that her septic system had been backing up.  She feared her drain field was failing and her system would need to be replaced.  The system was 38 years old and I also was concerned that the system would need to be replaced.  Once I arrived on site to do the evaluation, I noticed there were many mature willow trees nearby.  The customer and I agreed to expose the outlet from the tank to see if it was causing the problem. The other clue that the outlet could be the culprit was that it was cast iron pipe, not PVC.  This was common with older installations, but over time these cast iron pipes tend to corrode and can either crush in place or be susceptible to root entry and growth.  Once the outlet was exposed, we found significant corrosion as well as root infiltration.  I proceeded to replace the outlet with schedule 40 PVC and added a clean out for future inspection.  The system has been working fine since the job was completed and needless to say, the customer was elated she did not have to excavate and install a new drain field in her beautifully landscaped yard.  Below is the picture detail and description on the job.  ~ The area is prepped and visqueen is laid out to protect the existing landscaping ~  ~ The outlet line is exposed, 10’ of cast iron pipe before connecting to corrugated plastic pipe ~  ~ The outlet was packed solid with roots and septic sludge ~  ~ New 4” schedule 40 pvc pipe is installed with a clean out for future inspections & cleaning. ~  ~ Excavation and Installation ~  ~ Job completion and clean up ~  ~ The system works great and the customer barely knew I was there! ~    Effluent Filter Repair & Replacement: Fears of a Failed Drain Field are Dashed This customer called fearing the worst, that his drain field had failed and that his system would need to be replaced.  After some over the phone diagnostics, I asked if effluent filter had ever been cleaned.  The homeowner had not cleaned the filter in the 12 years of use, nor did he have access to the filter.  Unfortunately, the contractor who installed this system did not install an at grade access riser to access the filter.  The other problem was that the customer was never educated about the need to clean the filter at least once a year.  This is a common miscommunication between homeowners and septic system contractors.  I am hoping to address this issue by doing the following:  Including a custom drawn and written information packet with all of my installations.  The content includes basic septic system care information, custom as-builts of the installed system, as well as a resource guide pertaining to pumping schedules and pertinent contact phone numbers.  Once the filter was exposed, we made the decision to replace it with a new filter and add a riser and lid so the customer could access the filter for future cleaning and maintenance.  Please see the progress pictures below for more details: Inlet Access: Outlet/Filter Access Buried 1’ Below Surface: Clogged Effluent Filter Newly Installed Effluent Filter New Access Riser and Lid: The area was protected during work to allow for a clean and undisturbed finish. Customer’s Comment: “Val - Thank you very much for your prompt, professional, and careful service”