Gravity System Website Copyright of VME 2017, all Rights Reserved.       Gravity systems use the gravitational flow of water to transport effluent to the drain field.  These systems eliminate the need for a pump and control box.  Wastewater from the home initially flows into the septic tank where the primary treatment of waste takes place.  Filtered effluent then flows via gravity to a distribution box, as shown below in picture #2.  Speed levelers are used within the distribution box to allow for equal flow to be supplied to each lateral.  Effluent then flows into the heads of the laterals.  Over time, the effluent will travel throughout the laterals.   ~The tank is set and work begins on the distribution box.~ “Val’s service was perfect, showed up when he said, did what was agreed to for the price he had quoted.  Left the job site looking better than when he arrived.  Highly recommend Val for your excavation needs.”             Don Daniels Gallatin Valley Remodeling  ~The distribution box is bedded in gravel and set level.~  ~A 2’ level trench is excavated and prepared for the chambers.~  ~ 2’ wide infiltrator chambers connect within the trench. ~  ~The site is neatly back filled.~  ~The center of this picture is the finished drain field.~