Eliminite Septic Installation Website Copyright of VME 2017, all Rights Reserved. Level II Eliminite septic systems use free-flowing treatment media, or Meta-Rocks, to consistently achieve 80%+ reduction in total nitrogen, BOD/COD and other waste water contaminants.  Along with Advantex, Eliminite systems meet all Gallatin County code requirements for Level II septic systems.  Please follow along below to see how an Eliminite System is installed. ~ The tanks are set in place, ready for the Eliminite media, or Meta-Rocks, to be installed        *Note:This installation required a larger than normal tank quantity and sizing. ~ ~ Inlet pipe trench is properly bedded and ready for installation. ~ ~ The lightweight Meta-Rocks are placed within the treatment tank. ~ ~ Eliminite systems require 2 pumps. One for recirculating the treated effluent between tanks, and one for dosing the treated effluent to the drain field. The Eliminite contractor neatly constructs the recirculating and dose pump plumbing and wiring.  An infiltrator chamber is utilized for minor operating drainage. ~ ~ Extra care is taken around the tanks, along with the transport line trenches, to compact and properly and bed all pipe components with gravel.  This very important installation practice is key to insure all piping remain at proper flow angles along with preventing pipe breaks due to settling. ~ ~ A standard drain field is installed to receive the treated effluent from the system.  Ball valves are installed to allow for the ability to manipulate flow rates to achieve equal distribution. ~ ~ Once the system is tested and inspected, all of the components are neatly back filled.  The drain field and tank locations are carefully marked to prevent construction traffic. ~ If you have any questions concerning Level II systems, please call me and I would be happy to discuss them with you! - Val Mencas                                                                                                                                                   Website Copyright of VME 2017, all Rights Reserved.