Driveways and Access Roads       A solid driveway depends on the base it and depth it is built on.  At a minimum, 6-8 inches of pit run or road mix should be used as a base.  If it is a new driveway being cut, 1 foot of material should be excavated from the driveway footprint.  The driveway then can be built back up with pit run or road mix.  For the final layer, a maximum of 1 inch of screened gravel gives the driveway a very  nice finished look.  I recommend a small layer of screened gravel to keep the mud at a minimum, especially near the garage or high foot traffic areas.  Road mix has sand in it which will eventually turn into mud.  For areas that need a lot of fill, the road mix works well to get the driveway to the desired grade, then the screened gravel can be “sprinkled” over the top to give it a clean finished look.  ~ Driveway Basics ~ This driveway was finished off with screened gravel to give it a clean and finished look.  Adding to the aesthetics are the railroad tie boarders.  Clean lines that have starting and stopping points give a driveway order and beauty.  Boarders will also keep the gravel out of your lawn.  The railroad ties were also used as retaining walls (see bottom right) to add to the overall dimension of the driveway.  ~ BEFORE ~ ~ AFTER ~ ~ Roughing in access to a camp site ~ Before & After ~ Barn Access Driveway ~ The area marked out in paint per the site plan. The organic layer is removed. Once the organic layer is removed and compacted, road fabric is installed followed by road mix material. The road mix is spread and compacted with a roller.  A thin layer of screened rock is spread for a clean finish. Note the drain pipe to prevent water overflow. Before                                  &                                     After Website Copyright of VME 2017, all Rights Reserved. “I had the pleasure of working with Val on our new homesite. He is very easy to work with, skilled, professional and accurate at estimating costs with time and materials. I had a rough idea of what we needed to complete but he was able to take my vision to the next level and deliver in a timely fashion.Val greatly improved our homesite with rough grade work, our gravel driveway and a culvert that has been saving us a lot of muddy frustrations. I will be working with Val again and strongly recommend him for any task he says he can handle.”  Kevin Welsch - Graphic Designer